More than 15 Passengers

Wedding Services

Organize it yourself, or let the local experts handle it. There are a large number of wedding planning services available, some independent and some attached to the area’s major hotels. Any of them will handle all of the visible details such as selection and preparation of the venue (on the hotel grounds, in a chapel, on one of the beaches under a festive tent), and all of the less visible ones such as the license, the clergyman/woman or civil official to conduct the service, and the eventual signatures and registration of the happy event in the official records of the Los Cabos municipio.

A good option for many weddings is renting one of the many prívate residences that are offered for the purpose. These range from a few bedrooms to a dozen or more, and can be found in Pedregal and other San Lucas neighborhoods, in the Corridor developments, and in San Jose. They are often a less expensive option than a hotel for housing large parties, and can offer a more relaxed setting for gathering, getting ready, and celebration.

Corporate Event Transportation

Los Cabos is the place for your event, whatever that event may be. Its hotels offer luxury accommodations, a variety of eating experiences ranging from casual poolside or beach-side snack bars to the finest of culinary treats, and a flexible array of large and small meeting romos. Hotel staff can provide sound, video, internet support and other necessary technical goodies on a par with what you’d find anywhere.

Outside the meeting and hotel rooms is an array of options and possibilities to enrich the convention-goer’s experience:

Pools, poolside eating and refreshments, exercise and fitness options, spas and other pampering abound. The beaches are legendary, of course, from crowded Medano Beach at Cabo San Lucas with its protected sand beach and see-and-be-seen atmosphere, to sunning and surfing or surf-watching at Acapulquito in San Jose, to a variety of quiter locations.

Fishing – billfishing from a large charter boat, fully equipped and ready to take the conventioneer to where the fish are biting, or more sédate fishing for smaller varieties from a panga along the shoreline – or even surf fishing, which is increasingly popular.

And golf. Oh, yes. More than a dozen stunning and internationally-recognized courses are available as a diversión or a reward, or both.